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2007-11-2 03:57 okar1
SNPack wizard suggestion

CnPack IDE Wizards Suggestions

hello from russia!

there are some suggestions, maybe you find it fine :)

1)  "highlight matched brackeds":  only when cursor is on "(" or ")" Don't hightight when cursor is inside brackets.
(like in "notepad++" on sourceforge)

2) add hotkeys:
"set/clear bookmark"
"next bookmark"
"previous bookmark"
(like in "notepad++" on sourceforge or coderush for delphi 5)

my email [email][/email], ICQ number: 9600421

2007-11-2 04:28 Passion
Thanks for your suggestion.:)

About 1, there's an option in 'CnPack'->'IDE Enhancements Settings'->'Source Highlight Enhancements' Dialog. A Checkbox 'Only Highlight when Cursor is between Brackets'.

About 2, We can consider this. We're trying to find a good way to configure hotkeys, not only those related to bookmark.

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