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2007-8-15 12:32 Passion
CnPack IDE Wizards released


Change Log of 0.8.2 RC2 to 0.8.2 RC1

+ Add Code Structure Highlight, only D567 Supported.
* Add Editing File List and Adjusting Sequence to File Snapshot.
* Fix a Problem of Copy Lines in CPU Window.
* Add External Compressor Support to Project Backup.
* Add an Auto Scroll Button to CnDebugViewer.
* Fix a Problem when Double Clicking Editor Tab.
* Fix a AV of IDE caused by Adjusting of Delphi 2007 Update 1 in Editor Wrapper.
* Add Search Tabs Function to Search Component.
* Add Used List Function to Project Extension.
* Fix a Problem that Popup Frame List in Unit/Form List when not Hooking IDE.
* Fix a Problem of Directory Name in Clean Uses Units.

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