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2007-7-15 10:04 indy
Project Backup : 7zip support request

Is there a plan to add 7zip support to Project Backup ?
Currently I do project backup using 7zip, but since CnPack now has Project Backup, it's great if can do it directly from Delphi/CnPack

Thx !
Delphi 7 Pro/CnPack Build 2007.07.06/XPsp2

2007-7-19 16:26 Passion
Sorry but currently we can not find a small open-source pascal 7-zip component or package to use.

2007-7-22 08:28 indy
TSevenZipVCL ( is Open Source and so is 7-Zip ( though we have to mention the original link as usual.
I think TSevenZipVCL is small enough, but still need .dll from 7-Zip...

Or maybe, is it possible for CnPack Project Backup to use external compressor ?
Like, the list of project's files are saved into a file and we can execute external compressor with appropriate command line from within CnPack

Thx for your att :)
Delphi 7 Pro/CnPack Build 2007.07.06/XPsp2

2007-7-22 21:52 Passion
Good suggestion.
We'll consider this. Thank you.

2007-7-22 22:31 Passion
We create a CVSTrac ticket for this mission.


Please wait for us.

2007-7-25 00:28 Passion
This feature has been added initially to our nightly build CnWizards_0.8.2.328_Unstable.
If interesting, you can download and test it.


2007-7-25 14:03 indy
Wow ! That's pretty quick !
Works well and simple. Just great :victory:

I tried with 7zip and RAR using Predefine Command; project backup using RAR was archived with full pathname become "\prj\delphi\prjname\*.*" in .rar; while in .7z only the current project folder with all files were saved.
Since I use 7z, I look no further setting for RAR, should there's a switch for relative folder saving.

And another question,
can I set the predefine File Timestamp Format ?
I need my file to a name like: MyPrj [20070725-0858].7z for example.

Thx for your att !
Delphi 7 Pro/CnPack Build 2007.07.24/XPsp2

2007-7-25 16:55 Passion
RAR has a -ep switch in command, I can add it to the predifined, but I'm not sure it can remove the absoluted path and use the related path. I'll test it.

Time format can be set at the first page, a combobox with yymmdd items. You can type your format in it. You customized format shouldl be saved after a successful compression though it's not in predefined items.

Only 1 customized time format can be saved.
Do you mean you need to add some(more than 1) customized time format to predifined combobox to further selection?

2007-7-25 16:59 Passion
Or, you want to customized all the back up file name, including other parts, not only the time-stamp?

2007-7-25 17:24 indy
I will test that -ep switch against RAR.

Currently I only need the date-time part that can be customized, but maybe it's better if we can use template-alike;
But current Project Backup will do as well :)

Thx for that really fast response !
Delphi 7 Pro/CnPack Build 2007.07.24/XPsp2

2007-7-25 19:47 Passion
Hi, do you know which command switch can keep the directories structure in 7zip? Defaultly it removes all directories and put all files in one directory in 7zip file. While RAR not.

2007-7-26 11:25 indy
until 7z v4.42, there's no explicit switch to store the full path that I could find...
if we have : [folder_name\file*.ext] then only the filenames are saved,
if we want to include the path, we have to include something like [folder_name\*] or only [folder_name\]

for examples:
  7za a test01 \vcl\thtml\otherdemos\avi  will give us [avi\all_files]
  7za a test02 \vcl\thtml\otherdemos\avi\*.* will give us [all_files] but no path info were stored

thus, like in CnPack, we use [7za a file_name @list_of_file] and no something like [\myprj\prj_name\*] in the list, no path will be stored.

One entry about full-path in 7z forum:

I'll keep checking the forum :)

Delphi 7 Pro/CnPack Build 2007.07.24/XPsp2

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