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2007-7-3 04:58 kiwi
Delphi code explorer/ Feature Request!

It would be nice if there is a replacement for the default Delphi code explorer with some advanced features like searching, dockable windows. The 'Procedure list' in cnWizard is very useful but it is not dockable.

Clicking on a function/procedure name should toggle the function/procedure definition and declaration.

A search feature for the default delphi code explorer will do the best. ( Then one could search for types, records, functions and procedures. )

2007-7-7 08:51 kiwi
Please let us know!

Please let us know if you guys have a plan for implement this feature in the future version of cnWizards!

2007-7-11 20:47 Passion
We'll check this requirement and its work load esitimation.

2007-7-12 19:57 Passion
After our investigation, the Code Explorer component in Edit window is not TTreeView. It's not easy to directly control and search the items.

2007-8-4 04:43 cnpackfan
Hello all,

Y E S, an dockable window (or at least an non-modal Dialog) would be a long awaited requirement from me, too.

As kiwi stated optionally themethods should be sorted in a tree-like structure dependingon defined regions.
Great would be (additionally) a userdefinable tree-structure.

Thank you all for that great tool.-


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