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2007-6-25 19:21 rk_aquasoft
uses clause cleanup problem

i installed the latest release (V0.8.2.322_RC1) under delphi 2006 and tried to use the uses clause cleanup utility. It didnt worked, nor with single units nor with complete projects. see attachment for error message when trying to run it on single unit.
i then changed in the project options the dcu output directory from $(GlassEye1)\DCU to nothing (dcu's saved in project dir itself). after this change all went well.
i guess there is a bug with the translation to real directories or this doesnt happen for this path (dcu output path) at all.

very nice package, keep up the good work.


2007-6-25 20:28 zjy
Thank you for your report!

We'll fix it in the next version.

2007-8-27 23:17 rk_aquasoft
Ver: Build 2007.08.15, problem still persists

In Ver: Build 2007.08.15 this problem is still existent.

2007-9-20 01:13 Passion
Our 332 unstable comes out and fix the problem.
Could you download it and help us to verify it?


2007-10-5 20:47 rk_aquasoft
downloaded and installed the 334 version. still not working. sometimes i get the already mentioned message, but most of the time i get ' failed to process ... continue? (yes) (no)'

sorry folks, u still need to work on it ;)
thx for the effort.


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