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2007-6-22 16:22 jerlank
Translation of forms to English


Some of the forms of components, in run-time mode, is not english. For example c:\Program Files\CnPack\cnpack\Source\NetComm\CnRS232Dialog.dfm. It's a wonderful component, if I could understand Chinese.

A list of all these forms are:
c:\Program Files\CnPack\cnpack\Source\Common\CnCompAboutFrm.dfm
c:\Program Files\CnPack\cnpack\Source\Graphics\CnAAFontDialog.dfm
c:\Program Files\CnPack\cnpack\Source\MultiLang\CnTransEditor.dfm
c:\Program Files\CnPack\cnpack\Source\NetComm\CnRS232Dialog.dfm
c:\Program Files\CnPack\cnpack\Source\ObjRep\CnFoxmailMsgFrm.dfm
c:\Program Files\CnPack\cnpack\Source\ObjRep\CnProgressFrm.dfm

Is it possible to change them to English and release them, or send them via email?

Some other components are also in Chinese, eg. under CnPack VCL, I select TCnAAFontDialog. When I click the <...> at Effect, I get a
screen of options, all in Chinese. I'll gladly translate all of this, if I knew Chinese.

Other than that, it's a wonderful package!

2007-6-22 19:10 Passion
OK. We'll add the English translation.

2007-6-22 19:16 Passion
About MultiLang\CnTransEditor.dfm, the English translation has been done in cnpack\Source\Lang\1033 directory, if the file CnLangConsts.pas was copied to corresponding directory and overwrite the original file and re-compile CnPack, we can got an English Translator form.

It's so because we've written the string constants in a seperate file, using const.
But other forms are not so.

2007-6-28 19:05 Passion
Now traslation files added to cnpack\Source\Lang\1033 in our CVS.
When our 0.8.2 stable published, we'll pack one for download.

Now you can retrieve them from our CVS.

CVSROOT: :pserver:anoncvs@[url][/url]
Password: anoncvs

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