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2007-6-10 10:18 DaveK
Delphi 2007 with CnWizards_0.8.2.319_Preview

Delphi 2007 with CnWizards_0.8.2.319_Preview problem:
[is CnWizards_0.8.2.319_Preview the only release that supports D2007 ??]

Start D2007 IDE
Create new VCL Application
Save All [use default names, save in Crash Test folder]
>>File >>Close All
Invalid Pointer Operation

Re-start D2007 IDE
>>File >>Open ... Project1
>>File >>Close All
Invalid Pointer Operation

Re-start D2007 IDE
>>File >>Open ... Project1
Write a comment anywhere in the Unit1.pas file
I put mine directly under "unit Unit1;
Click Save-All button
>>File >>Close all
-- no problem --

Toggle Autosave Project Desktop Option to off
>>File >>Open ... Project1
Toggle Autosave Project Desktop Option to on
>>File >>Close All
Access violation at address 2000A275 in module 'rtl100.bpl'. Read of address

Re-start D2007 IDE
>>File >>Open ... Project1
Browse around in the project form/code clicking various places - don't
actually change anything.
>>File >>Close all
-- no problem --

Remove CnWizards_0.8.2.319_Preview from Delphi 2007 and all problems go away.


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2007-6-10 11:55 zjy
Thank you for your report!

Please tell us your OS(xp or vista and etc.), IDE version(Delphi 2007 or 2007 Update1) and other environment information.

You may download debug version for testing and give us the log file according to this thread:

2007-6-10 13:20 DaveK
D2007 Update 1 on
WinXP Home Update 2

Other IDE Addins
"DelForEx10" ... DelForEx10.dll
"MidexExpert" ... mmx_bds5.dll
"Visual Forms Add In by Jeremy North" ... VisualForms105.dll
"Castalia" [Free version from BDS2006Pro]

Will try the debug versiion.

Thank you,

2007-6-10 13:34 zjy
Thank you, we'll test it in D2007 update1 soon.

2007-6-10 23:36 DaveK
Debug file has been sent.

2007-6-10 23:55 Passion
Thanks for your file.

We tried some debugging and fixed some problem related to update 1 in 321 unstable version.
Could you help us to download it and verify it?


2007-6-11 01:54 DaveK
I can no longer create any of the errors. :D

You seem to have fixed the problem!:)

CnWizards is a tool that would love to become expert in. It adds so many features to the IDE - how can anyone work without them!

You guys are excellent.

Many many thanks.

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