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2007-5-25 01:17 prefont
Delays when running D5 project

First of all, I love this tool - it is [b]great[/b]!

This problem may have nothing at all to do with cnWizards, but if I remove cnWizards the problem goes away.

On one particular D5 project, when I run the project (F9) at times there is a long (30 seconds) delay after closing the running executable. Nothing on the screen is responsive during this time. If I disable cnWizards, the problem goes away. If I enable cnWizards again, the problem shows back up.

As I said, using Delphi 5 update 1, Windows XP. I have tried the oldest available cnWizards, and the newest available cnWizards, and still get the problem.

Has anyone else run into this using D5? Does anyone have an idea where the problem might be?

2007-5-25 09:33 Passion
Strange Problem. And no one reported the same issue before.

Since it seems only exists for your one particular project, Could you give us a minimized project with this problem to test if it does not conflict with your work rule or company/business secret?:)

2007-5-25 09:55 prefont
I have tried to duplicate it with a small project but, as these things seem to go, I cannot.:)

It really is not that important - just an annoyance - if anyone has encountered this and has a solution - great. If not, its not a big problem. I am sure it is some really obscure combination of factors.

I appreciate your help.

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