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2007-5-22 13:56 surfer2k
Use Unit / Insert Frame bug

Hi all,
There is a problem with uses unit in french BDS2006 (and I supposed other version).

In function ShowProjectUseUnits(ASelf: TCustomForm): Boolean, the test :
       IsUseUnit := ASelf.Caption = 'Use Unit' always return False.
=> In the french version the caption is 'Utiliser l''unité'.

I temporary change test with:
    IsUseUnit := (ASelf.Caption = 'Use Unit') or (ASelf.Caption = 'Utiliser l''unité');
and all work fine.

I suppose there is the same problem with deutch or italian version.

The best was to use the caption from BDS menu ?



2007-5-22 14:50 Passion
Oh, Sorry for the problem. We only concern the English situation in current CnWizards.
We'll find another way to check it.

2007-5-22 18:02 surfer2k
Ok, no problem for me I changed code but it's for other user as ALT-F11 always call Insert Frame instead of Use Unit.

Thank's for your fun wizard


2007-5-31 12:18 Passion
Now we changed the condition. Use Helpcontext to distinguish the two functions.
Could you download our latest nightly build 317 to test it in your environment?


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