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2007-5-1 02:20 xander
Bugs in Delphi 2007

Hi boys,

i'd install CNWizards on Delphi 2007 (.310 nighty build) and there are some bugs that i've found:

My own templates don't appears in the Input Helper, but still working after i wrote it's name and press Tab, so just they don't appears in th Input Helper.

The Source Statistics is not working, i can't get the statistics if i have a project group loaded. :o

By the way the .311 night build seems to be corrupted :P

:hug: :hug:

2007-5-1 09:46 Passion
311 installer not upload completely yesterday for my network problem.
Now I re-upload it.

About the problems you metioned, I'll check them.

2007-5-3 04:25 xander
Besides, the functionality to can close tabset buttons in the Editor Wizard by Double Click  it's no working in D2007...:o

thanx for your time Bro... Keep the good working and congrats for you recent prize!! :victory:

2007-5-3 09:24 Passion
Because BDS has provided the functionality that middle-clicking Tabset to close file, so we did not provide the double-clicking to avoid duplicating.

2007-5-3 09:52 xander
i think that may be you could consider in keep this doubleclicking, as an alternate option, because by example i don't have a 3 button mouse, so i found very useful the double click... :loveliness:

2007-5-5 19:14 Passion
OK. Good suggestion. Double-clicking can be supported in 314 unstable version.

And the Problem that statistic wizard does not support project group in Delphi 2007 caused by the missing processing for the Delphi 2007 new Project file extension "dproj". Now in 314 it's fixed, too.

You can help to verify it once the 314 comes out.:)

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