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2007-4-30 20:53 delphi_man
Object Inspector

When trying to edit properties of a TDBLookupCombobox, I find that I get a string editor rather than a dropdown list of fields for ListField property.  This is also the case for the ListSource property.  It should be the same as DataField and DataSource which are correct.

Can this be fixed?  I have uninstalled the IDE tools but it has not returned to normal.


2007-5-1 08:34 kendling
Thanks for your reporting this BUG, We will checking an fixed it.

2007-5-3 12:42 shenloqi
You can go to "CnPack IDE Wizards Settings" to disable the string editor or customize the string editor's behavior.

In my delphi 7, I installed the latest cnpack develop version, I can not reproduce the issue.

2007-5-3 18:29 delphi_man
Using your latest, 8.2.312 and Delphi 2007. (Didn't mention the version of Delphi in original post. Sorry)

Checked the options and the string editor was disabled.  

With the TDBCombobox selected.

The ListSource was fine.

The ListField and KeyField where setup with the string editor.


2007-5-4 06:17 delphi_man
I have had to disable the form designer options too.  Using the undocked option without an embedded designer. Click on the form and it disappears and the form designer buttons are the only thing visible.  If the form is visible, your buttons are not.

Trying to mimick the IDE of Delphi 7.  Darn close too.

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