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2007-4-29 23:13 klemm
bug: lost settings


I usually need to work with multiple instances of delphi. On rare occasion, two instances of cnPack try to write settings at the same time. Mostly happens when try to close many instances at once. I will get an error about locked file. Next time settings are gone.


2007-4-30 00:11 skyjacker
Is it about "IDE Config Backup/Retore..." , please?
I just have tested to run two instance of delphi, backup the IDE Config, then close them
at the same time, no error happens.

Can you provide the detail when it happens again? Such as picking the images and so on.

Thank you very much!

2007-4-30 00:22 skyjacker
Additional, my development entironment is Delphi6(up2) + Ver: Build 2007.01.24.

The Cnwizard's version is copied from the "About Cnpack IDE Wizards"  dialog.

What about you?

2007-4-30 01:04 klemm
Actually i'm not sure this is about all settings - at least component naming rules were lost.
No, it happens when i close two or more instances of delphi (file->exit). I usually wait for one to finish unloading before i close the next one. But some times i forget when i'm in a hurry to recompile some package.

Sorry about the versions, should of have given them in first post:
I use delphi 7 and
Ver: Build 2007.01.27.

Also on the same note - when i change a setting (component naming rules) in one instance, it is lost when i close other instance after - last one-s settings 'win'.

2007-4-30 08:59 zjy
Thank you for your report!

We'll try to fix this problem.

2007-5-2 08:27 Passion
Our 311 unstable should fixed this setting coflict problem.
Could you download it and try to verify it?

2007-5-2 10:37 klemm
Thanks, downloading now..
I will test it and let you know. Might take some time tough.

2007-5-2 11:05 Passion
OK. Thanks.

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