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2007-4-25 22:09 ENatter
Error Message during start

Today I installed my D7 Enterprise brand new. And for sure I also installed cnWIZARD, which I really loved during my old install.

But to my suprise, my Delphi starts now with Enabled cnWizard with this Error Message about an Error in rtl70.bpl.

If I disable cnWizard everythings works (besides cnWizard :L)

Anyone an idea what goes wrong??

2007-4-26 22:22 kendling
What CnWizards version are you using?

Try an new unstable version?

2007-4-26 23:37 ENatter
No Sorry.. Tried the latest unstable build, same problem.

Remark: Installation and use of GExperts runs perfectly :Q (but who wan't to use it, when cnWizard is there :lol:)

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2007-4-27 08:22 zjy
Did you install other experts (such as DelphiSpeedUp, Castalia and etc.) in your IDE? Try to disable them.

You can see this thread also:

2007-4-27 15:37 ENatter
Yes, now i've got it!

It seems that it is not really a issue of CnWizard. If I use DelphiSpeedup 2.5 (aCtual) it doesn't work, if I use DelphiSpeedup 2.41 everything works fine!

2007-5-2 16:12 Passion
And now our 311 unstable version adds detecting to DelphiSpeedUp to avoid conflicts.

Anyway, now that's OK.:)

2007-5-4 17:28 ENatter
Perfect! Runs flawlessly! :victory:

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