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2015-9-30 17:11 fehernyul
plesae add a new property to Source template


Please add a new property to Source Template wich insert a code segment like %Unit% just without extension.
For example I have a unit: "Unit1.pas"
I use Source Template to insert %Unit% to code, and it insert this: 'Unit1.pas',
but I need this string: 'Unit1'.


2015-9-30 23:22 Passion
Thanks for your suggestion. We'll consider this.

2015-10-1 16:44 ukrainian
Can you add property %Version% or similar, that adds FileVersion of project. We have a lot of Source Template and for some comments we add FileVersion by hand.
It will be nice if there will be property for that.


2015-10-4 20:54 Passion
Our latest nightly build version 781 is ready for these 2 new macros.



2015-12-22 15:38 ukrainian
I use Delphi XE8 and with the last build(Ver: Build 2015.12.12) on CnWizard and macro %ProjectVersion% did not work. I set for my project configuration only for "All COnfigurations" version info in section <PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Base)'!=''" >, but when I use this macro it add

2015-12-22 17:27 Passion
I'll check this problem.

2015-12-28 20:29 Passion
There's a problem when we retrieve version numbers from XE2 or above. Now we fix it and build a new nightly-build 807 version, could you help do download it and try again?


2015-12-29 03:45 ukrainian
I test last nightly-build and everything is OK. Now it correct adds version info from macro %ProjectVersion%.

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