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2015-9-1 20:28 Allan
Embarcadero RAD Studio for Windows has stopped working

The IDE crashes when hit "Enter" to open units through the "Unit List of Project Group" when we use the desktop "Classic Undocked" in Delphi XE8.
Tested on Windows 8 and Windows 10 with version Build 2015.08.15.

Would have a solution to this problem?

2015-9-6 16:23 Passion
Thanks for your report.

Now I can't reproduce this problem. Could you help to use the Debug Version of CnWizards to get the xml log and send to us?

Download Address:


When this version installed, CnDebugViewer will popup and record the log. After crashing, please save this log and send to us? you can mail to [email][/email].

2015-9-8 20:51 Allan
Dear LiuXiao,

I installed the Debug Version of CnWizards, but no log is generated in CnDebugViewer.
Some additional configuration is required?

2015-9-9 19:23 Allan
Good morning!

Got something activating the options "OutputDebugString" and "UDP Messages".
The following XML file attached.

Have any suggestions for solving this problem?
I use together with Delphi 7 and works perfectly.

2015-9-9 23:54 Passion
No useful message.:L  I'll build a debug version manually tomorrow.

2015-9-11 04:14 Allan
Ok. I'm waiting.

2015-9-11 11:44 Passion

Please download CnWizards_1.0.8.768_Debug.exe and help to test it?

If no info again, please run RADStudio 10 as Administrator?

2015-9-11 19:11 Allan
Thank you for the commitment and dedication to helping me.

I managed to capture the log running RADStudio 10 as Administrator.
Importantly, the crash occurs only when using the Enter key. Double-click works perfectly.

2015-9-18 05:35 Passion
:L Still Found no useful messages in the log file.

And there's no special feature when pressing Enter Key compare to Double click.

Now still can't reproduce, and I'm confused.:mad:

2015-9-18 19:12 Allan
Interestingly, the crash only occurs using the desktop "Classic Undocked".

Another important factor is that I changed the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Embarcadero \ BDS \ 16.0 \ Form Design \ "Embedded Designer" to False.

2015-9-20 09:08 Passion
Oh, I'll use this key and check it again.

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