2007-3-22 03:41 bird
Delphi 2007

Has anyone gotten cnPack Wizards IDE to work within Delphi 2007?  Are you planning on including Support for Delphi 2007 in your install.  Thanks!

2007-3-30 17:22 Passion
Yes. We prepare to do so.

2007-5-24 22:41 bird
Does the latest build include support for Delphi 2007?  


2007-5-24 22:51 Passion
Yes. The latest nightly build Included. You can visit it at:


In fact, CnWizards_0.8.2.302 has support Delphi 2007 already. Now the latest is

Since they're not stable and public version, we're stepping to more and more better.:lol

2007-5-24 23:08 bird
Thanks!  I will try them out.

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