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2007-3-13 17:30 Mike_Padilla
English version of examples

Do you happen to have English version of your examples?

Thanks in advance.

Mike Padilla

2007-3-19 13:37 Passion
Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. Some our examples is English but not all. Do you need which part to translate it? we'll try to replace there resource string.

2007-4-2 18:46 Mike_Padilla
For starters: The graphics example.  I am not sure what I am looking at when I am trying out the blending of bitmaps.

Mike Padilla

2007-4-3 23:38 Mike_Padilla
Opened files in IDE at startup

Where is the cnwizard setting for the number of open files in the IDE during startup?  currently it is set to one.  I have to use the historical files feature or tho open view project manager to open the other files of interest

Thanks in advance for the anwser.

Mike Padilla

2007-4-5 22:53 Passion
Hi, For the Graphics example, we've added a MainFrm_1033.dfm in cnpack\Examples\Graphics\Source directory, then we can modify the MainFrm.pas and change the {$R *.dfm} line to

{$R MainFrm_1033.dfm}

and re-build this program. It's a manual way for build the English version for this Demo, for we've not design a multi-langugage mechanism for our every examples.

Sorry for inconvience.

2007-4-21 08:07 Mike_Padilla
I cannot Seem to locate the file

Hello, I cannot seem to locate the file in question.

Mike Padilla

2007-4-21 08:10 Mike_Padilla
How does one turn the component name editor back on?

I turned the component name editor off and it keeps renaming the components name.  I selected the option to never ask again.  It still keeps renaming components.  How does one turn the component name editor back on?

Mike Padilla

2007-4-22 17:55 Passion
Hi, the new file is in our CVS. No  no zip versions for download.


password: anoncvs

module name:

For the 2nd question, you can try to run prefix wizard and press "settings" button in the dialog to open settings dialog. Check the "Show Dialog when Add New Component or Rename" check box.

2008-1-14 07:42 Mike_Padilla

I just reviewed the solution regarding the component name editor and thanks for the solution

Mike Padilla

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