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2007-3-10 02:21 carmelo bug in Project Enhancements-Clean Temporary Files

Using the Clean Temporary Files, the final dialog Form have the Width little, and the number of bytes deleted is truncated.

Please, solve this bug, not present in previous version.


Carmelo Viavattene

2007-3-10 22:33 Passion
Hi, Could you provide a snapshot?

2007-3-21 16:49 carmelo
Attached a snapshot

2007-4-9 01:04 Passion
Hi, Could you check our latest unstable version, to see whether this problem still exists or not?

2007-4-9 05:17 carmelo
The problem is present, see snapshot.

Now, at the row 3, I see only a truncated "number of bytes deleted".

Then, the problem is to correct the format of the output

Carmelo Viavattene

2007-4-9 09:07 Passion
Oh, thanks, we'll check the format.

2007-4-18 20:34 Passion
Could you download our latest version 307 to test it again? we changed the format.


2007-4-18 23:27 carmelo
Problem solved, OK, the number of bytes deleted is OK

In the attached snapshot, You can see:

In bottom of Path, a non traslated in English label:

Can You translate in English.

Tank You.

Carmelo Viavattene

2007-4-19 11:37 Passion
Oh, it's our careless. We'll correct it.

2007-4-22 22:46 Passion
Hi, in 308 unstable we've corrected it, and the format of deleted bytes changed again to add "," seperator.

Could you download and test it again for us to check wether the message box text will be truncated?

2007-4-23 06:19 carmelo
308 is perfect, also the "," separator.
Thank You

Carmelo Viavattene

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