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2007-2-20 00:46 xander
a simple request

in the code editor when you select a block this activates a button besides with some options to change te case of the string or "convert to string", etc.

Ok that is great, the problem is that some times the button don't activates so you can't see this options from nowhere (the case change by example)... would be great that this options could appear in the popup menu with the right button of the mouse...

it's simple and very usefull because the button is a little bit unpractice, because you need to wait to the arrow in the button appears ant this could take a while some times

Thanx in advance.

2007-3-10 04:37 xander
i use BDS2006 by the way :handshake

2007-4-22 01:08 xander
Thanx a lot for the InputHelper support on BDS2006!!!

You guys are great!!!!.. thankyou, thankyou!! :loveliness: :loveliness: :loveliness:

:D :handshake

2007-5-2 20:50 Passion
Thanks for your suggestion. In our nightly build this function will be integrated. Menu items in editor context menu.

You can download and help us to test it if have time.:)

2007-5-3 04:22 xander
Thanx, Thanx!!!

Thanx Liu Xiao, works great!!! :victory: :victory:

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