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2007-2-13 16:52 fabvit
Pressing Shift-I (uppercase I lke ICE) freeze delphi

I've a problem: pressing Shift-I (uppercase I lke ICE) freeze delphi.
I've also Gexperts and Coderush installed, but this problems arises ONLY if I load the CNWizard package.

I don't know how to trace this behaviour, since each time I press Shift-I the editor freezes and the only way to quit this situation is to KILL Delphi.

As you can imagine this prevents me from using CNPAcks Wizards that I have found so useful....

May be this is relkated to some obscure key binding in my configuration, but I don't know how to debug.

Thanks in advance for nay help.

My config is as follow:

Pentium IV 3.0 Ghz
Windows XP PRO SP2

Delphi 6 with ALL service packs installed

2007-2-13 17:31 Passion
Thanks for your reporting. It seems a strange and serious problem.
For the problems can not re-produce in my workstation.
Could you help us to log the debug messages?

Please see this topic:

2007-2-13 20:30 fabvit
Ok I've sent the debug info

Ok I've just sent the debug info as you requested to
Hope this will help you in find the cause of my problem.

Thank you in advance!

P.S. I've attached the debug info also to this post.

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2007-2-13 21:23 Passion
Thanks. We recieved your log info. The log ends at key "I" pressed down. We'll investigate it.

Because of our Chinese spring festival holidays, we'll leave and maybe come back at the end of Feb or beginning of March. Sorry for the coming delay.

2007-2-14 03:51 fabvit
Thank you!
I'll wait anxiously your investigations, since I cannot use it until the problem is solved: each time I write something that starts with an uppercase I (i.e. Integer) Delphi freezes and I must kill it!
Anyway.... Happy spring festival holidays!!!


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