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2007-1-24 10:20 ClaytonAguiar
Replace Component Wizard


This suggestion is a little tougher than my previous, and it's based on GExperts too. What do you think about "Replace Component" wizard? You fill in the "from" component, the "to" component and the scope (selected, form, project or project group).

This way, it becomes easy to switch TButton's to TBitBtn's or standard controls for enhanced 3rd-party buffed super-powered controls.

What do you think about it? Feasable? :)

2007-1-26 21:48 Passion
Well, We'll consider it. In fact, it's not so easy to implement. And GExperts has been done it well.

2007-1-31 02:43 ClaytonAguiar
About GExperts

After my post, I saw another post of some time ago with the same request.

I know GExperts and used it for a (long) while. But CNWizards has many (most) of its features. I also used CodeRush for a (shorter) while, and some (little) of its features are present at the most recent BDS code editor (Refactoring, for example).

I saw many of their (GExperts and CodeRush) features in CNWizards. And it's great, because some these wizards packs try to do the same think. Installing two or more can become useless or even make Delphi unstable.

Why should I have two different code window toolbars (GExperts and CNWizards)? A single one is enough.

I think (I may be wrong) CNWizards can become the "definitive" wizards pack. Of course, you can't make it do everything. But as long as you can code, we can suggest, and all of us can use and share it, perhaps someday it will indeed do everything. :D

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