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2007-1-19 15:16 klemm
[bug] editor goes readonly

I know that there was a check-box somewhere to set editor to readonly mode for vcl & rtl units. The problem is, that some-times the editor goes to read-only mode on my units too. I can enter one character. then i must press code-input helper shortcut, then the editor is re-enabled and i can enter another character. repeat.
Is this known bug?
I use latest release version.

2007-1-26 23:35 Passion
Thanks for reporting. Other users mentioned the same problem before, but we can't reproduce it reguarly.
Now no clues about it. :L

2007-1-27 07:15 klemm
It only happened with one of my project one time. I can't reproduce it either.
Will let you know if it happens again and i find a way to reproduce.

2007-1-27 12:35 Passion
OK. Thanks. We're also looking for it, too.

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