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2007-1-19 14:27 klemm
Thanks for this wonderful thing!

This deserves a separate thread. I'm extremely happy with cnPack. I first downloaded cnWizards about 6 months ago. I had tried all of the other major IDE enhancement packs (coderush, castalia, etc..) and now i can say with confidence - cnWizards is the best. I use many of the features daily. These are my favorites:
Tab orders,
Source Templates (comment block is my recent favorite and made many myself),
Eval Swap tool (super!!!!),
Toggle comment tool,
Toggle var field (another time-saver).
Editor enhancement tools "Close page by doubleclick" -- cant live without it,
Search component button from IDE form enhancements -- wonderful timesaver!!!,
Code Input Helper is very good and much faster than the built in
and Brackets highlight.
I'm sure i missed some things that seem so natural that i forgot about them.

Please please please -- keep on developing this gem!

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