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2007-1-18 22:33 Gunny
Bug in Form List

In the Form List IDE Extension if I press the FormName Header the list doesn't respect the alphabetical order.


2007-1-18 23:40 Passion
If 'Match All Parts of Form Name' button is down and there's some text in 'find' text box, the order is the position of matched string in form name. It will has some different with the alphabetical order.

Other situation, it will use the alphabetical order.

Do you see like this? If not, it should be a bug.
Could you tell us more details?

2007-1-19 19:03 Gunny
This is my situation after click over the header "form" in the form list.

I use D5 pro in WinXP pro italian.


2007-1-20 00:16 Passion
We think this problem maybe comes from our Text Compare routines. Now we've done some fix.
Could you repeat this problem easily? If yes, could you help us and do like below?

1. Download our 281 unstable version to test whether this problem exists. We change some code in our routine, but not sure whether it works.

2. If problem still exists, could you disable Fast Code Wizard in Wizard Options dialog. We doubt that FastCode maybe replaced the correct text compare routine with a buggy one.

If disabled and order is not correct yet, we'll investigate more. :L

2007-1-25 15:05 Passion
Our 284 version used new FastCode and fixed its one problem. Could you download 284 or above version to test it?


2007-1-26 18:08 Gunny
Reply #5 Passion's post

I download the last nightly build 285 and the problem persists.
I see that the order works correctly in caption column but not in form column.


2007-1-26 21:45 Passion
Oh, So strange. We'll do more investigation.:L

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