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2007-1-15 17:42 Gunny
Bug in Component Palette

Hi All,

I send this bug through e-mail but I don't receive an answer, so I re-post in the forum :)

When I right click over the components bar and select tabs the component list is show.
I have many components and the list is in two column but not all the components appear in the list and in the first column I found less components then in the second column.

In the 1st column I have 41 components (from A to F).
In the 2nd column I have 60 components (from F to S).
The T-U-V-W-Z components don't appear.

I use D5 PRO in WinXP Pro and
CN Pack build 2006.10.1

Many thanks for your VERY GOOD work.

2007-1-16 08:44 Passion
Hi, Gunny

We've fixed this bug in our 279 unstable version of Cnwizards, and reply email been sent by me. Maybe some network problem causes the mail lost. ;)

If could, you can download our latest unstable nightly-build version from our website.


2007-1-18 19:35 Gunny
Reply #2 Passion's post

Thank you.
It works.


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