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2007-1-13 19:20 Tyrolean


I was using Coderush with D5 long time and now I want to switch to D7 without Coderush (if possible) I like CnPack very much, but I am missing some useful Coderush - features, Maybe the are in Cnpack but I can't find it.

What I really miss is:

* Hitting Ctrl-Home to mark a position and returning to it with Escape

* autoexpanding some configurable keywords like this
  "sm" + space -> ShowMessage('|');
  'cstm'+space -> {$ifdef mgmEntwicklung}
  All I would need is to use the space-bar to expand a makro. Is this possible?


2007-1-15 16:47 Passion
Thank you for your suggestion! But I'm afraid they're not so proper to CnWizards now.

First question, ESC has been used to be the shortcut to return from variable field after Ctrl+Shift+V jumping in CnWizards. Maybe only shortcuts of bookmarks can be used for your mentioned jumping. ;(

Second question, CnWizards has the Code Input Helper to help the keyboard input for symbols and other contents. It also support customized templates, but not autoexpanding function. because it's hard to keep the compatibility of keyboard usage between Code Input Helper and Space-Expanding.

But I think Code Input Helper will also be very useful if you used it. ^_^

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