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2007-1-10 09:59 ClaytonAguiar
[Very simple and useful feature request]


There is a feature of GExperts that is very simple, but extremely useful for me:
Let the component palette tabs be shown as BUTTONS instead of TABS.

Why? Because this way each "tab" stays always at the same position. For people that deal with many components at the same time, it becomes much faster to switch, for example, from "Data Access" to "Servers".

The multiline helps, but the tabs scroll every time you choose a component from a different tab row.

I don't wish to sound selfish. I'm certain this feature will help other people as well.

2007-1-10 16:59 Passion
OK. Sounds good suggestion.
We'll try to do it.

2007-1-10 22:23 Passion
It's implemented. We add a checkbox in IDE Main Form Enhancement Setting dialog.
You can check it to see the flat-button-style page of Component Palette.

It will be in our nightly-build 276 and later versions.

And it will be in 0.8.2 stable, formal version.

2007-1-11 11:32 ClaytonAguiar

Thank you wholeheartly. :-)

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