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2007-1-6 07:40 kevinbe71
BDS2006 + Vista + CnPack


I have run into a problem with BDS2006 (plus SP 2 and hotfix rollup) on Vista.  I'm running this on an Athlon-64 system running in 32-bit Vista (not sure if this really matters).  The splash screen just hangs with CnPack installed.  As soon as I uninstall CnPack it works fine.

Is Vista supported by CnPack?


2007-1-7 13:58 Passion
Sorry. CnPack IDE Wizards is not tested in Vista. I think there may be some incompatible problem.
We'll test it. If any incompatible problem, we'll try to fix it in next version.

2007-1-8 10:06 kevinbe71
Thanks... CnPack is great.  I can't wait for the next release!

BTW... your forum software asks a user to agree to a policy that is in another language (must be Chinese?) - is there any way you could also make this available in English?  I agreed to it but I've no idea what I agreed to!!!

2007-1-8 14:16 zjy
You may try the nightly build version under Vista:

2007-1-18 15:14 Passion
We've upgraded our bbs, now you can read English agreement. ;)

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