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2014-5-5 17:42 mikemb78
Deinstallation problem


there might be a deinstallation problem in CnWizards (tested with v1.0.1.665 and v1.0.2.669_Unstable).
Allthough I accept the question "Delete all user settings..." while deinstallation, on my system the folder %USERPROFILE%\Documents\CnWizards\ is after the wizard finished still present, against what I expected.
At the next I install of some version of CnWizards the settings are present. This isn't generally bad, but my intention to deinstall CnWizards were problems with the code input helper (the keywords aren't displayed).
So I would hard reset the settings by re-installation. But all things worked correct again until after I delete the folder manually.
Is this behavior desired or is this a bug?

Best regards

2014-5-27 16:46 Passion
I think maybe it is a bug of NSIS, which is used by our installation. :L

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