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2013-5-23 11:10 iwancs
[Feature Suggestion] Component Grouping


I would like to add a component grouping selector in design time feature, but i still lack of spare time to learn how to do it, if you don't mind, would you consider to add that feature, it is a feature like in fast report designer. Thanks

2013-5-23 17:07 Passion
We have a "Component Selector" in 'CnPack" Menu, which can be used to select components by class, name, tag, event or container. Can it meet your reqirement?

2013-5-24 10:05 iwancs
No, i need it to be persistant, with that tool, i have to do filtering again each time i need to select the same group of component, what i need is that the tool will make several component selected into a group and when we need to move it, we just need to select one of it's member and must not need to be the same class or name pattern. We just need to select several component then right click on that group and press group or ungroup. Hope you can understand what i mean.

I'm thinking that we need to save list of component selected in a group into a xml file for each dfm file, and we need to delete the member list when we set ungroup. But the problem might be that when we rename the unit, or the class, the xml file need to be renamed too

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