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2013-2-25 03:14 nmad
Cursor on the wrong line?


I am a new CnPack Wizards user. First and foremost, thank you for such a great tool!

I noticed that the IDE's own cursor/caret shows up lower that the active line (see image, where the active line starts with begin where the vertical cursor is, and the triangle is two-and-a-half lines below in the gutter).

Is this a feature by design, a bug, or a matter of incorrect settings?

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate; Rad Studio XE3 Enterprise (Update 2, build 17.0.4770.56661), CnPack Wizards



2013-2-25 10:24 Passion
Thanks for your report. We don't see the triangle at the left side in IDE editor. :L In fact, the triangle is not designed by CnWizards. Maybe it's an IDE internal feature, or by other wizards?

You can try to disable CnWizards from Start Menu and run XE3 again. If this triangle still exists, it's not our function.

2013-3-23 03:46 nmad
Thank you for your response. I have looked into this and the cause. The problem is indeed caused by cnPack:

The triangle is from ModelMaker Code Explorer for Delphi. The reason why it appears on the wrong line is because the structural highlighting of cnPack changes the editor font for begin and end tags, and therefore the line heights are altered. This was confirmed with MMX Tools forum.

Is there an option to maintain the basic editor font without changes of font size, type and weight?

Thanks again,


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