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2012-9-5 21:24 dalpiaze
CNWizards with Two versions of Delphi


I have [b]two versions of Delphi installed on my computer[/b]:
- Delphi 7
- Delphi XE2

I would like to use CNWizards in [b]both[/b] Delphis, but with [b]different configurations[/b].

It seems CNWizards store the configurations in Windows Registry.
In that case, the configuration of two installation of CNWizards are shared, and then I cannot write a configuration in a version separeted.

I see I can modify to store CNWizards configuration in a File, but then again is the same file in two Delphis

Remembering that I have two different folders of CNPack installed for the two versions (but the configuration persists shared nin both)

Someone with two versions ? What do you do ?

2012-9-5 22:34 zjy
CnWizards supports IDE Command Line Arguments

Specify Registry Settings Key: If -cnregXXXX used, CnWizards will use HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\XXXX to load/save Settings information in Registry instead of default 'CnPack'.

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