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2012-3-1 23:06 AzzaAzza69
[Feature Request] Show/Hide non-visual components

Can you add a Show/Hide non-visual components.??<br />
Ctrl+Shift+V is a good shortcut.<br />
Stops forms looking cluttered!

2012-3-2 07:09 Passion
The function is in "CnPack" menu, "Form Design Wizard", "More...", "Hide Non-visual". And it's alsoa button in our flat toolbar under the Designer Form(if IDE is not docked).

You can assign a custom shortcut to this function in "Options" dialog.

2012-3-2 15:26 AzzaAzza69

So many options I don't find them!!

Thank you.

2012-4-13 22:51 AzzaAzza69
Bug with iShow/Hide non-visual components

The components are hidden or shown but the button doesn't stay down after being clicked.

2012-4-14 20:30 Passion
Could you tell me the IDE version and CnWizards Version?

2012-4-17 05:29 AzzaAzza69

Delphi 7.0 (Build 8.1)
CNPack Ver: Build 2012.03.27

2016-4-17 18:41 Nashev
I can't find this feachure in Ver: Build 2016.02.29 under Delphi 10 Seattle
I'm very sad, i love this feature in previous versions, no matter bug in immediate redrawing form

2016-4-19 15:58 Passion
10 Seattle has the "Hide Non-visual" Feature in its own IDE and will cause our buggy conflicts. so we Disable our feature for it.:lol

2016-5-16 18:17 Nashev
Reply #8 Passion's post

May be You could move back button to toolbar to swich on or off this own IDE feature from this very usefull place?

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