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2011-11-10 21:03 Fr0sT
[Feature request] Add "Copy filename only" to editor/tab context menu

First of all, thanks for such mighty tool!

A have a request: could you add "Copy filename only" item to editor/tab context menu. In fact it's needed almost as often as "copy full path/filename" and even more often!
For me I've already implemented this excepting the options but I guess this feature would be useful for all.

Another request is to differentiate editor menu and tab menu. While tab menu is quite small and allows widening with additional items easily, the editor menu is huge and any additional item just makes it monstrous.

2012-2-20 00:56 cnpackfan
Hello Fr0St,

yep, same wish!

Important: with defined Hotkey or Shortcut, therefore I prefer editor (context) menu.

Many thanks and greetings

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2012-2-20 11:42 Passion
We can write a script to do it.

The key function is "CnOtaGetCurrentSourceFile".

Please refer to "Installation path"\PSDemo\LocateDir.pas

2012-2-22 18:30 cnpackfan
Reply #3 Passion's post

Hello Passion,

great, really - many thanks.

Is it possible to add scripts for [i][REQ] [/i][i]Copy to clipboard: Component-class, property name and value[/i], see [url=][/url], too?

Many thanks and greetings

2012-2-23 07:28 Passion
Seems no good functions to directly get the content from object inspector. Maybe need some find-by-name way. I'll check it.

2012-3-1 22:00 Passion
I add an "ObjectInspector.pas" in PSDemo directory to our SVN. It can simply print current selected property value.

But class name and property name seems hard to get.
For more structure about object inspector, please run script: CnDebugger.EvaluateObject(GetObjectInspectorForm);

2012-3-19 14:59 Fr0sT
Well, scripts are nice but that will be used or even known by 2-3 users only. Special menu item located in the tab menu is much more obvious and convenient.

2012-3-19 17:35 cnpackfan
Reply #7 Fr0sT's post

Hello Fr0sT,

yep, I would prefer a menu item, too.

Many thanks and greetings

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