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2011-10-24 20:47 gman
Problem with Multiple Monitors


I just installed CnWizards into Delphi 2010.
I have one serious issue, and one minor issue.
The serious issue is that I have 2 monitors.  On the first monitor, I have the Delphi Main menu, and the various inspectors.  The 2nd monitor has the Code / Design / History tabs. I can see everything.  When I maximize the delphi window Code page, my Delphi main menu automatically moves to the 2nd monitor, behind the code page.... I can no longer see it.  It did NOT do this before installing CnWizards.  What is causing this and how do I stop it?

The 2nd issue is more minor.
I used to be able to hit Ctrl+D to have Delphi reformat my source code.  Now, I hit Ctrl+D I get the Procedure List Wizard.  How can I change the hotkey for one or the other of these functions?


2011-10-28 13:08 Passion

1st: Maybe caused by our "Editor Full Switch". Please try to disable it in "CnPack" Menu, -> "Code Editor Wizard" -> "Options" dialog?

2nd: You can set the hotkey in "CnPack" menu -> "Options" Menu Item, and find "Procedure List Wizard", then change its hotkey at right side.

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