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2011-9-21 15:18 delphichem
Access violation on C++builder

when I enable one of source highlight (not brackts) I get an access violation on the editor, could not select text or work normally

This happens from Rad 2010, I don't test other version

2011-9-23 07:56 Passion
Please try our latest nightly version 619?


2011-9-23 09:17 delphichem
Juste tested, and it's the same
You can find a screen shot, may be it will be useful

2011-9-23 18:57 Passion
OK. and could you try to download and install our debug version again to help us?


It contains CnWizards DLL with debug information. Line Number and Unit name can be parsed when Exception occurs.

2011-9-25 18:20 delphichem
Hi Pasion, I've install the debug version,

And here the XML file and a screenshot

2011-9-25 18:25 delphichem
The xml file:

2011-9-25 19:54 Passion
Thanks. I'll check the exception log.

2011-9-27 20:14 Passion
Accroding to the log and picture, it seems an IDE's internal exception. Now what we can do is only to try...except it.<br />
<br />
I manually build a DLL, please try it again? If OK, we'll integrate it.<br />
(Note, it does not contain Script Wizard).

2011-9-28 06:28 delphichem
Hi Passion,

Unfortunatly I can load the wizard, I get this error:

aproximative translation: "Incorrect pointer operation"

2011-9-28 20:55 Passion
Oh, we publish a new nightly version 620, please try it?


2011-9-29 06:36 delphichem
Hi Passion

I install the version, and now I don't have access violation, but the sourcehighlight stop working when I navigate between lines in source window
As you can see in Screenshot, lines structure disapear when pressing up or down arrow.

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