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2011-9-5 16:17 goandgo
★■★■【Delphi】【外资产品公司---上海 R&D center】

Email & MSN : [][color=#000080][/color][/email]   
QQ : 1350937085




[size=4][color=navy][b]Delphi Position[/b][/color]
[size=3][font=微软雅黑]1、strong Delphi skillset (at least 3 years of Delphi experience). Delphi experience does not need to be current (in other words we shall consider candidates who have had strong Delphi experience in their past). Ideal candidate should have a deep and thorough understanding of Object Oriented Design principles, Delphi class model and Delphi's run time libraries. Ideal candidate should have Delphi experience beyond common Delphi Client/Server usage scenarios.
2、experience developing and debugging complex desktop and/or web based applications,
3、Windows API programming skills,
4、attention to detail,
5、strong problem solving skills,
6、at least technical level of English[/font]


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