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2011-7-8 22:34 chrisc
CodeInsight overrides code input helper


I'm using Delphi 2010, and have recently installed CnPack and think it's great. However, I can't get Code Input Helper to work. It pops up when I type "." but then as soon as I type any other character, the Delphi Code Insight window comes up and the Input Helper window disappears.

I have disabled Auto Completion in the Tools |Options | Editor Options | Code Insight, but it makes no difference. I'd appreciate knowing what I'm doing wrong!

Thanks for any help.


2011-7-14 00:14 forum1
you have error in project

you have error in project

"input helper" what is this? May be "IntelliSense"?  :) Check this  [url][/url]

2011-7-14 18:08 zjy
In my Delphi 2010, the Code Input Helper works well, the IDE options is:

2011-8-18 18:46 friendlinzh

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