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2011-7-1 20:59 zjy
开发 Protel 的 Altium 公司在上海招资深 Delphi 程序员

最近收到一封开发 Protel 的 Altium 公司在上海招聘资深 Delphi 开发人员的邮件,希望我们在论坛上发个广告帖。

感兴趣的朋友可以与 Dragan Radovic 直接联系:
dragan.radovic (at)



Altium is internationaly recognized leader in the field of electronic design application software. In China Altium is renowned for their Protel and Altium Designer products. At the moment Altium is hiring experienced Delphi programmers for our Research and Development Center located in Shanghai.

Altium offers top working conditions accompanied by excellent salary compensation and fantastic career path opportunity. Free Nestle coffee and ping pong tables are just some of the perks offered to Altium team members. Altium R&D team is mix of talented professionals assembled from all corners of the world... we have Australians, Chinese, French, Iranian, Romanian, Serbian, Ukrainian and American members on our team. So for anybody who is bored of developing standard client/server or three tier Delphi applications and would like to work on solving some of the really interesting and challenging problems facing electronic design industry today is welcome to join.

I heard of cnWizards few years ago and I would like to ask for your permission to start a thread on your forum advertising these job openings.

Following is the the brief description for the open positions.

- strong Delphi skillset (at least 3-5 years of Delphi experience, or 2 years Delphi experience plus at least 3 years of programming experience in C++/C/Java/C#). Delphi experience does not need to be current (in other words we shall consider candidates who have had strong Delphi experience in their past). Ideal candidate should have a deep and thorough understanding of Object Oriented Design principles, Delphi class model and Delphi's run time libraries. Ideal candidate should have Delphi experience beyond common Delphi Client/Server usage scenarios.
- experience developing and debugging complex desktop and/or web based applications,
- Windows API programming skills,
- attention to detail,
- strong problem solving skills,
- at least technical level of English,

Any of the following skills and qualities are highly desirable and candidates having them will have an advantage during selection process:

- strong analytical skills,
- exposure to CAD or Electronic Design Tools (Protel/Altium Designer/Orcad/PADS/Mentor/Cadence or similar tools),
- electronic hardware design skills,
- experience developing embedded or RTOS software or drivers,
- advanced written and spoken English levels,
- Delphi component development skills,
- exposure to other programming languages and paradigms is desirable,
- understanding and use of internet technologies and protocols (HTTP/XML/SOAP etc...)
- experience with SVN/Starteam or similar version control systems,
- good knowledge and understanding of algorithms,
- experience building systems that operate 24x7,
- experience building web based scalable systems capable of serving high volumes of customer requests.

These are hands on development positions with the great career path prospects within the next 12 months. Candidates outside of the Shanghai that are willing to relocate to Shanghai are also welcome to apply for these positions.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Dragan Radovic
Software Development Manager
Altium Ltd.

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