2011-5-13 15:57 forum1

Make this, please. This two very important and easy functionality in cnpack. First I wan to tell you, that your software is very good. After a year i will send to you my open source project for repository vie tcp/ip.
Now I want to tell you to make in every Text/Caption published property to make writing  CRLF in disign mode. In design mode this look like this
1. New functionality like other payment software like cn pack*
Caption = component caption #13#10 text. I must enter in source form mode to manually write   #13#10 (CRLF) . Make litle button with ...(3 dots) and dialog to enter text. Do you understated? It is very simple.
2. Repair this bug like other  payment software like cn pack*
Second thing is more important. This may be difficult for you, but I believe in you ;)
See picture in menu "View as text" is disable because file is not check out from "Microsoft source save". In GExpert is not that! I am very sure dudes ;)
When I use some source save software like example "Microsoft source save" in delphi project. I can not enter in dfm design source mode. I must first check out .dfm file and then I can enter. This is not source save error. This is CN Pack error, because if I uninstall cn Pack I can read only view. If I install payment software like cn pack. It is not a problem to enter without to check form to writing. I don't want to check. I wanna to read only enter in design mode source of DFM file. Look fixme file to see that menu is disabled. In Gexpert is not! Make like GExpert.

I use latest night build "cnpack Wizard" I use D6, D7, DXE.
* You know what I am talk about ;)... the software name is very fames "GExpert"

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2011-6-15 20:37 Passion
We add this button at 605 nightly build version. Please download and try it?


2011-7-14 00:06 forum1

I love you, kiss, kiss ... I am so happy. Work so great ;) on Rad Studio XE


Thank you very much.

2011-7-14 15:39 forum1
TSpeedButton.Caption, TCheckBox and TButton and inherited form TButton not have this new functionality in delphi version 6.
I do not test if I inherited TLabel or TstatickLabel, but I want to have this new functionality in child ionherited component classes from vcl standart classes.

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2011-7-14 15:52 Passion
Strange, I can see TSpeedButton, TCheckBox and TButton 's caption in this panel in our latest nightly build version in D6.:L
How to reproduce it?

2011-7-28 15:52 forum1
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If you make class like this

TinhSPbutton = class(TSpeedButton)


Register ('TinhSPbutton')

Build and register component and place new button in design form. In Caption not have new functionality with button [...] to write CRLF automatically in .dfm form file. Make it like TLabel. With Tlabel work correctly.

2011-8-18 18:48 friendlinzh
TSpeedButton, TCheckBox and TButton

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