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2011-5-5 22:24 Ar4i
Slow oppeining of projects

I've been using CnPack for a long time, but recently I've started working on an old and pretty big Delphi project and I noticed that opening the project when CnPack is installed is very slow and generated a lot of HDD activity. We are using Delphi 2007.
Is it possible to disable and/or change some settings to avoid this? Sometimes it could take a few minutes to open a project on a machine with Core2 >2GHZ and 4GB RAM.
Also there is similar effect when opening the pop-up menu in IDE or search menu, but only first time in while.

2011-5-9 16:33 Ar4i
It seems that upon loading of project one of the wizzards in cnpack does perform something similar to compilation. When tracing file activity I get reads on thousands of files. I would note that upon opening the project has only its main form open and all others are closed
On another PC where I also did the installation myself, but without CnPack there is no such behavior - the project would load everytime in just a few seconds.

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