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2006-6-21 22:43 wagenheimer
Install Latest Version in BDS2006 Architect


I did install CNPACK in BDS2006, but it did not works!

When Delphi is opening, "A insru玢o no "0x0000000" fez refer阯cia

2006-7-15 08:56 Passion
OH. It's a serious problem.
Have you installed the latest updatepack of BDS2006? If yes. there must be some potational defects in our Wizards, which is hidden deeply.
But for this issue can not be reproduced in our environment, it's hard for debugging...

2006-8-26 04:38 wagenheimer
I still can´t install the Lastest Version!

The installation runs fine, but when i did open Delphi (Borland Delphi 2006 Archithet with Lastest Updates), it occours the following errors:

Exception EAccessViolation in module rtl100.bpl at 0000000000.

Could not find wizard C:\Arquivos de Programas\CnPack\CnWizards\CnWizards_D10.dll!

But the dll is ok in this location!

Hope some help!

2006-9-5 08:47 Passion
Sorry, but we have no clues about this.
We never meet this problem.

2006-9-5 08:48 Passion
Can other Experts, such as GExperts, be installed successfully?

2006-11-23 11:12 wagner_tec
I have exactly problem.
For the reply, don磘 must have solution

2007-1-19 17:46 hsg
on my new computer i had the same problem. Only differences between the computers are the windows-version: old computer: win2000 new computer winxp.
After importing the registry-key from my old computer into the new, all works fine.

2007-3-2 18:08 cata
BDS error

Same error on Turbo Delphi. Maybe a look on debug log will help to fix that.

2007-3-2 18:55 cata
take a look at this link, also:

2007-3-19 00:16 cata
The source of crash on BDS 2006

The error appears in this function because CnOtaGetCurrentSourceFile return a nil pointer not a pointer to an empty string and IsForm doesn't handle this.

function CurrentIsForm: Boolean;
  Result := IsForm(CnOtaGetCurrentSourceFile);

function CnOtaGetCurrentSourceFile: string;
  iModule: IOTAModule;
  iEditor: IOTAEditor;
  Result := '';   
  iModule := CnOtaGetCurrentModule;       return nil so the result=nil not ''
  if iModule <> nil then
    iEditor := iModule.GetCurrentEditor;
    if iEditor <> nil then
      Result := iEditor.FileName;

2007-3-19 09:22 Passion
Thanks for your finding. We'll add this handling.

2007-3-19 13:35 Passion
Hi, Cata

I  have a problem about your investigation:

  Result := '';   
  iModule := CnOtaGetCurrentModule;       return nil so the result=nil not ''

Here Result is initialized to '', and the nil is set to iModule, not result itself.
I think the parameter, that be passed to IsForm, is ''. And our fucntion can handle it.

How about your opinion?

2007-3-19 14:25 cata
After a little thinking maybe the problem appears because finding current module always return nil.
I'm currently investigating why is that. From what I read this could be because of bad J# installation (can you confirm this?).

function CnOtaGetCurrentModule: IOTAModule;
  iModuleServices: IOTAModuleServices;
  Result := nil;
  QuerySvcs(BorlandIDEServices, IOTAModuleServices, iModuleServices);
  if iModuleServices <> nil then
    Result := iModuleServices.CurrentModule;   //this line always is nil  - but normally always have to exists a current module

Anyway, I'll test more and I write the results.

2007-3-19 14:51 cata
Reinstalling of J# doesn't help.
But anyway avoid to install only J# 2.0 (without 1.1) or you'll get this error:

2007-3-19 16:08 cata
In the final I decided to reinstall BDS. So, installing cnwizard on a fresh BDS works perfect (with last SP). No errors.
The same after installing Jedi.

I installed all packages from previously installation and still is ok.

So, the conclusion is: REINSTALL BDS  (even if is not a pleasure)

2007-3-19 17:00 Passion
So strange, problem.

Anyway, the REINSTALLATION works, it's ok for us. :lol

Hope there can be a next chance for us to re-produce it and fix it.

2007-4-25 01:07 xander
i'd got the same problem, got an Access Violation at address XXXX in module rtl100.bpl. Read of Address 000000

but the difference is that i was working perfect with the last Nighty Build _309. But i'd run the CnConfigIO.exe and choose the last option "Restore Default CnPack IDE Wizards Config info".

After that at starting Delphi that error appears... i use BDS2006 by the way... well i think i must reinstall as you say :Q

:L :L

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