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2011-3-10 21:57 Luckie
Syntax highlighting only in the upper left corner

I try build 591 with BDS 2005.
The highlighting seems to work, but all drawing (colors, lines, etc) is done in the upper left corner of the editor-window. It looks funny but I think its not the intention of this tool. :)

It looks to me that only one char is visible in the corner and all necessary chars overlapped there.

I searched the forum for similar problems but i can't find a solution.

2011-3-15 18:35 Luckie
Meanwhile I tried the latest build but the problem remains.

Do you need more information?

2011-3-16 07:45 Passion
I'm also confused by this wired problem. :L

Maybe we can get more information if you use debug version and send our logs.


2011-3-16 16:08 Luckie
I will try

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