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2011-3-4 16:57 Vilo
2 shortcuts problems + 1 request

Hi all,

I'm facing 2 problems, both are with shortcuts.
I'm using [b]Code Input Helper[/b] and [b]Block Highlight[/b], both being manually triggered by shortcuts : CTRL+* for CIH and CTRL+W for Code Highlight.

[u]First issue :[/u]
When I assign a shortcut for the first time, all works fine in the current Delphi session, but as soon as I restart Delphi, the shortcut doesn't triggers anything.
CIH shortcut is correctly remembered, but it is not active after restart.
I have to manually redefine a different shortcut to make it work again ... for the current session.

[u]Second issue :[/u]
The [b]Block Highlight[/b] shortcut is not saved/restored from registry.
IMHO the problem comes from the file [b]CnSourceHighlight.pas [/b]line [b]1601[/b], the name of the shortcut is not set (first parameter is empty), and thus it is not saved nor restored.

[u]Request :[/u]
I wish I could totally replace Delphi's Code Input Helper with the CnPack's one.
To do that it should be possible to assign CTRL+SPACE as the Code Input Helper shortcut, but it is not possible.
Could you make it append for a future release ?
(By the way I've temporally bypassed this limitation by using a AutoHotKey script to reassign CTRL+SPACE to the CIH CTRL+* shortcut ;-)

Thanks for your attention.

2011-3-12 11:22 Passion
Shortcut problem is a long term bug in our wizards and still no good way to fix it perfectly. :L

Block Highlight problem will be fixed, it's because of our carelessness.

We'll also enable Ctrl space in next nightly build version. :handshake

2011-3-12 15:14 Passion
Please try our latest nightly build 597.

2011-4-14 22:30 Vilo

I'm testing the latest nightly Build 2011.04.08

[b]Block Highlight[/b] seams to be totally broken.
Code Input Helper[/b] shows :
- some improvements => shortcut is saved between sessions
- new issue => Ctrl+Space works fine just after assignation, but rapidly (couple of seconds) the original IDE Input Helper overwrites it and popups as before when hiting Ctrl+Space.


2011-4-15 15:56 Vilo
After a couple of tests / reboot / IDE restart, the "Code Input Helper's shortcut not remembered" bug reappeared (i.e. when hitting the CIH shortcut, nothing appends).
The shortcut was Ctrl+*.

2011-4-18 15:46 Passion
We do not auto mask the original IDE code insight, so if assign Ctrl+Space to Input Helper, maybe should disable Code Insight first to avoid conflicting.

Could you provide more information about "Block Highlight totally broken"?:L

2011-4-18 16:10 Vilo
Today I've retest the Block Highlight and it works as expected ...
I guess my Delphi / CnPack was all screwed up by my preceding tests.

For the CIH issue, I've made my tests with Delphi CIH disabled (code completion off in options menu), but this option is only for automatic popup.
That is, if I hit Ctrl+Space, the Delphi CIH will still popup.

I'm making more tests with the following config :
- Delphi CIH auto popup OFF (i.e it does not auto-popup after tapping "." or "a couple of char")
- To avoid conflict between CnPack and Delphi and keep using "Ctrl+Space", I've remapped "Ctrl+Space" to "Ctrl+*" with AutoHotKey
- CnPack CIH enabled, manual trigger, with "Ctrl+*" hotkey

Results :
- When I first launch Delphi, CnPack CIH works as expected (Ctrl+Space => Ctrl+* => CIH pops-up)
- As soon as I close the project and load another one, shortcut is broken and CIH doesn't pop up anymore.


2011-5-2 17:50 DarkByte
I have an isue with a shortcut, too, so I thought I'd post here (instead of opening a new topic).

The "Source Highlight" shortcut key is, by default, [b]Ctrl + Shift + H[/b]. I changed it and it worked OK until I restarted Delphi. However, upon restart, the shortcut key reverts to the default combination. Is there any way to work around this or, perhaps, a bug-fix ?

I'm using CnPack IDE Wizards [i] Build 2010.10.01[/i] with Delphi 2009 ([i]12.0.3420.21218[/i]) on Windows Seven.

Thanks in advance !

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2011-5-4 21:03 Passion
To DarkByte:
Source Highlight shortcut problem is a bug in
Please download our latest nightly version to verify it?


2011-5-6 18:42 DarkByte
Thanks, it appears to be fixed in :)

2011-7-18 15:43 Vilo
All issues solved in Ver: Build 2011.06.06.
Thanks ;-)

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