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2014-12-29 02:06 boodyman28
code completion with .h files

code completion work fine in .h (header) file in??c++ builder 6 but with later version <br />
of c++ builder from XE to XE7 does not work with .h (header) correctly when i am use an external header files<br />
included with my project<br />
<br />
i need help for that problem please <br />
i want send 2 pictures that explain this problem but i do not know how send him.......

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2014-12-29 10:19 Passion
I see one snapshot, is there another one?

2014-12-30 02:40 boodyman28

I update snapshot there is the two  snapshot that explain the problem

2014-12-30 03:09 boodyman28
explain problem

the visual assist X plugin for visual studio list all constants, functions, variables, in both .cpp or .h files
cnpack plugin do the same but with c++ builder 6 perfectly, but in later version of c++ builder from XE version to XE7
it make this with standard c++builder constants,function,variables lik int, HRESULT, and so on
but when i am using external library like directx or fmod sound library it does not list all functions or constants that came with
external library in .h file like it make with c++builder 6
sorry about my language

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2014-12-30 10:09 Passion
OK. I get it. I'll check it. Maybe it's a bug of IDE symbols. :)

2014-12-30 22:59 boodyman28
OK I will be waiting to answer me

when i press ctrl + space keys or alt + space key in .h file the code insight does not work
and popup menu for code completion does not appear

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2015-1-1 03:51 boodyman28
i do not understand what are u meaning about bug of IDE (integrated development environment) symbols

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2015-1-3 04:06 boodyman28
Reply #5 Passion's post

waiting to answer me

2015-1-12 14:42 Passion
Seems actually no IDE symbols here.

Our Input Helper will retrieve symbols from IDE internally, which are partly the same with IDE's code completion. So, if some relative symbols does not appear, maybe IDE does not return them.

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